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click for full-sized imageThis is the fully assembled repeater as it was installed back at the repeater site after the Winter 2002/2003 rebuild.  In order from the top of the rack are the RF amplifier, the controller, the notch cavity, the duplexer assembly, and the power supply.



dsc00898.jpg (56995 bytes)Here is the inside of the Hamtronics REP-200 controller.  Visible in the upper right corner is the DVR-3, which is responsible for the repeater's voice ID.  The controller board is in the top center, the receiver is at the upper right, and the exciter is in the bottom center.



dsc00859.jpg (38362 bytes)This is my father, Neil Armstrong, KB2RTP.  He provided transportation services for the repeater rack and associated equipment.  You'll have to ask him what the deal with the hat is when you see him.



dsc00464.jpg (66119 bytes)This is Bob Shewell, N2HJD, aligning the duplexer assembly.  He was my resident expert for the Winter 2002/2003 rebuild and continues to help me with technical issues.  He gets lots of practice since he owns an extensive repeater network.



dsc00891.jpg (57986 bytes)This is the new Com-Spec CTCSS board which I installed during the Winter 2002/2003 rebuild.  It manages PL tones and filtering all in one handy little unit.



dsc00890.jpg (57030 bytes)This is the new monitor speaker which I installed inside the controller during the Winter 2002/2003 rebuild.



dsc00497.jpg (67373 bytes)This is the fan control that I built based on a circuit design by Bob Shewell, N2HJD.  It is housed in a four-square electrical box and the fan plugs into a duplex receptacle visible at the far side of the cover.  There is a large solid-state relay under the circuit board.  The timer circuit greatly extends cooling fan life by turning it on only when it is needed.



dsc00861.jpg (39142 bytes)This side view of the repeater shows all of the custom double-shielded cabling that connects the repeater equipment together.  You can see the new fan control box at the back of the rack, under the controller.  The black cable at the right is the hardline leading out to the tower.



dsc00503.jpg (51208 bytes)This is the cooling fan shroud that the students at Fairport BOCES in the Welding & Fabrication program made for me.  They started only with a sheet of 16 gauge steel and some basic drawings which I made.



dsc00864.jpg (52822 bytes)This view of the back of the repeater rack shows how well the new, bright red fan shroud dresses up the back of the amplifier.  On the back of the controller is a terminal strip with connections for 12VDC, the phone line, and the cooling fan control box.



dsc01452.jpg (66256 bytes)This is Andy Walker, KA2RBW, of Walker Towers.  To see why he is smiling, look at what he just successfully finished doing in the next photo ...



dsc01441.jpg (33141 bytes)Andy Walker came by the repeater site in November of 2003 to help me get the 35' long Moseley beam down from the tower.  He really knows how to help out with antennas and tower climbing and doesn't overcharge for his miracles.  Just don't forget to show up early with pastries in hand!



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