Brad Armstrong, W1YX


My first license grant from the FCC was in April of 1993 as a Technician, N2UNV.  I passed my code exam two years later and worked my way up to Extra in the Summer of 2001. 

Over the years I have been involved in various public service events, the highlight of which was working the command center at the airshow a few years back.  My interest in emergency communications lead to my appointment as an Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Monroe County ARES for a  few years and am still active in public service and disaster preparedness activities whenever I can find the time.  Iíve also been active as a net control on 2 meter FM, mostly for the Monroe County FM Net.

Iíve participated in a few contests, including a number of Field Days, which I enjoyed as much for the challenge of operating under temporary, portable field conditions as for the thrill of being the center of a pileup.  The thing I like most about Field Day, however, is the opportunity to operate out in a public location other than during a declared emergency so that folks can have a chance to see what fun amateur radio can be.

My early club involvement was with the Rochester Radio Repeater Association, including two years as Club Secretary.  As part of being actively interested in repeaters I served a few years as Secretary and FC for the Upper New York Repeater Council.  I currently sit on the Board of RRRA and am a member of their Technical Committee.  I took over ownership of the 147.18 repeater in 2002 and did a major rework of the equipment during the Winter of 2002/2003.  The repeater is affiliated with the Club.

 More recently I have been heavily involved in the Rochester Amateur Radio Association as Club Vice President and President.  I currently serve as the Licensing Class Director and one of the class instructors.

I am also a member of the American Radio Relay League and have an appointment from the Western New York Section of the ARRL Field Organization as a Technical Specialist.




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